Sustainability is woven into every aspect of our business. From our production processes to our packaging materials, we always make sustainable choices that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Environmental policy

Protection of our environment is a responsibility shared by everybody. Enterprises must do their share and take responsibility of the environment.  At Helkama Bica, environmental issues are taken into consideration in all aspects of the design, manufacturing and recycling cables.
Our operational standards comply with existing laws, regulations and provisions. We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement and preventing pollution.
The policy paying attention to the environmental issues of all aspects of our production is mutually beneficial, helps to preserve natural resources and emphasizes the goal of sustainable development.
Our environmental management is based on the assessment of the environmental impact of individual operations, and on the periodic updating of environmental programs. Environmental measures include the following main points:

Reduction of the amount of production scrap

Reduction and the reuse of municipal waste

Conservation of energy

Improvement of health and safety

Carbon footprint

We are taking action in fighting against climate change and creating a more sustainable future by actively reducing our environmental impact. We have started an annual follow-up of our carbon footprint, starting year 2021, to recognize the most essential areas of development in our business operations. The calculations were made in cooperation with AFRY and according to GHG protocol.
We strive to operate as energy-efficiently as possible, optimize the use of material, minimize the amount of waste and purchase only renewable energy.

Energy efficiency

In 2023 we joined the Energy efficiency agreements and committed to meet the targets for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Finnish voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreements have evolved into a unique success story that is not found elsewhere in the world. Finland is one of the few European countries where voluntary agreements on energy efficiency are shown to work and yield profits. An efficient use of energy is a responsible way of action and one of the key actions to stop climate change.

We are currently retrofitting a heat recovery ventilation system to our factories to improve our energy efficiency. By recovering and re-using heat that would normally be lost, we can mitigate our energy consumption for heating and reduce the use of oil. Helkama’s purchase of electricity used in production has been 100% Carbon-Free energy since 2019.