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Cables for telecom applications

Telecom world is an ever-developing one, and we have chosen to be the company that is flexible enough to react quickly to all new trends and developments. That is why we can always find the best solution for all our customers – you name it, we can customize it!

Our extensive knowledge in cabling, in-house R&D department and highest level of customer service makes it possible for us to take cables and turn them into customized masterpieces that connect the world. We do not offer ready solutions or set product packages, unless that is what our customers want. And just like us, our cables help you make the perfect connection to succeed.

Examples of Telecom applications

World wide high five

Did you know? The first operational 5G services in the wolrd were made using our cables.

Why choose our telecom cables


R&D support for fully customized cable structure design


Whole range of telecom cables under one roof and one management system


Customized number of cables and accessories minimize installation time onsite


No compromises in materials or finished products


Flexible service, customized products and optimized project management

Interested in our telecom products?

Interested in a telecom cable designed and customized specifically to your project? Send us a message and our sales team will be in contact with you to offer customized solutions for your telecom project, as a full service.

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