Optical fiber cables

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What makes an optical fiber cable?

Helkama offers Optical fiber cables with slotted core structures according to customer specifications.

Core design:

  • Slotted core cables with either Single-mode or Multi mode fibers. The slotted core structure provides superior mechanical protection for the fibers. No grease, enabling easier installation on site.

Water blocking:

  • Water swellable tape available to protect the fibers from water


  • LSZH thermoplastic insulation according to various standards
  • Sheath colours can be fully customized according to design specifications
  • Flame retardant and fire-resistant options also available

External shielding:

  • Available for indoor or outdoor use, or for direct burial
  • Corrugated steel tape shielding for challenging outdoor environments
  • Cables can even be bird proofed using a nylon-shielding layer on top of the cable

Examples of Optical Fiber cables


Halogen-free installation cable for indoor use. Aramid binding yarns. Slotted core construction.


Fire-resistant optical fiber cable for indoor application.

FXMSU 900 μm

Halogen-free optical fiber cable with 900 μm tight-buffered fiber for indoor/outdoor application.

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