Did you know that our CAT 6 FR S/FTP cable is now DNV certified?

HELKAMA CATs – taking cabling level to new fahrenheits

Certifiably the hottest CAT in town

We’re all fired up because our Fire-Resistant HELKAMA CAT 6 FR S/FTP cable has been granted DNV type approval certification! HELKAMA CAT 6 FR S/FTP is the sizzle when things get too hot to handle for regular CATs.

Our most extinguished CAT

CAT 6 FR S/FTP 4 PR AWG 23/1 is a Fire-Resistant CAT cable, and the cable design and structure comply with the circuit integrity performance during a fire (IEC 60331-23 and IEC 60331-2).

CAT 6 FR S/FTP is a braid shielded cable, with foil shielded twisted pairs to reduce crosstalk between pairs and to enhance performance. It has an additional non-flammable mica-tape layer on the conductors that prevent the cables from shorting out during a fire, and reduce the risk of fire caused by electrical arcing.
It will continue to transmit data for a specific time in the event of a fire to ensure the continued operation of critical emergency systems, such as alarms and communication devices, allowing for timely response and evacuation and upholding the highest level of safety.

Selling like hotcakes

Did we spark your interest? Got a burning question? Yes, these special fire-resistant CAT 6 FR cables are available ex stock! No lead times, no delays. Just spark a conversation with our Customer Care team, they flame to please.