Did you know that our Aluminium conductor power cables are DNV certified?


Sleeker, lighter and seaworthy body

We have chosen to produce marine power cables with fine stranded aluminium conductors as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to traditional copper conductor power cables. This has become possible as DNV has approved the use of aluminium conductors in shipboard use.

Flexibility for the future

The marine industry has entered a new era of strict regulation with serious restrictions on emissions. All newbuild vessels must be built with the future in mind. And just like us, they must be flexible enough to adapt to the changing demands from regulators, customers, and operators.

Ship electrification is one of the key solutions for marine decarbonization, and the demand for big-size power cables has increased with the development of electrical propulsion and the overall broader electrification of ships. New electrical solutions also offer competitive advantage for newbuild vessels.

Fast ferries can benefit from the lighter vessel weight made possible by using aluminium conductor power cables.

More for less

Our Aluminium marine power cable range is ideal for use in vessels where weight reduction and fuel efficiency are of outmost importance – without making any compromises in safety.

Due to aluminium’s lower conductivity a thicker cable is needed, but this is compensated by an overall lighter weight, resulting in a 50% lower cable weight compared to traditional copper conductor cables. This enables the build of lighter vessels, increasing fuel efficiency for smaller vessels by lowering operating costs, and creating higher profitability in operation for heavier ships by added cargo.

The Aluminium power cables are currently available unarmoured, armoured, with improved EMC screening, and to meet the requirements for VFD.

Be the trailblazer – drop the extra load

Don’t let your cable needs weigh you down! Helkama Aluminium conductor cables are the solution for a lighter future for your vessels. Our Customer Care team can help lighten your load and set you up for a truly electric new era.