Helkama is committed to international and local standards, mutual agreements and commonly agreed practices in order to meet customer needs. Our products, solutions and customer service aim to add value to the customer’s business.

Quality policy

Helkama Bica’s Quality Policy defines our commitment to quality. It explains our common principles to customers, to our own personnel and other stakeholders. Helkama Bica is a responsible operator in its business environment. Our customers come from marine industry, telecom and other industrial sectors.
Quality is defined in our business environment as the quality of the product and the quality of operations. Both are important and vital to first class business co-operation and customer experience. Helkama wants to be a trusted and reliable partner and sticks to the agreed delivery, technical quality and commercial terms.

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience in our market. We can achieve this by knowing our customers, following the market trends and constantly improving our business according to customer needs. Through continuous improvement, we develop our products, operations and financial position.

Material compliance

Helkama Bica aims to comply with all relevant legal guidelines and customer requirements set for the materials and substances used in our products. All material related requirements and regulations are taken into consideration already in our product design phase, and they are one of the main criteria when choosing our material suppliers. Suppliers are required to immediately inform Helkama Bica if there are any changes to the chemicals used that directly affect the material compliance.