Stranded copper conductor, IEC 60228 Class 2
Special grade Mica tape + XLPE, IEC 60228
Twisted pair
Two insulated cores twisted together to form a pair. Aluminium polyester tape and tinned copper drain wire
Cabling, pairs twisted together. Fillers or dummy cores included in select sizes based on product specifications to obtain symmetrical and round construction.
Collective screen
Tinned copper drain wire (all sizes)
Aluminium polyester tape, coverage 100 %
Thermosetting polyolefin SHF2
Standard colour black, other colours on request
Fire-resistant + Water Spray Resistant and/or Water Jet Resistant armoured pair instrumentation and communication cable. For fixed installation in most areas, and on open deck in ships and offshore units. Especially intended to ensure availability of all critical transportation-, comfort- and safety systems, i.e to meet the concepts of; Orderly Evacuation (3 hours burning time) and Safe Return to Port (Fire test with simultaneous Water Spray/Water Jet + mechanical shocks) to simulate firefighting conditions. If the cable is exposed to direct sunlight, protective covering or cable with black outer sheath is recommended.
Core identification
Pair colours white and blue
Pair identification with colour code and identification number
Marine Type Approvals
Rated voltage
150/250 V (300 V)
Fire performance
IEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60332-3-22
Fire- and water spray resistant
IEC 60331-2 + EN 50200 Annex E (180 min)
Fire- and water jet resistant
IEC 60331-1 + BS 8491 (180 min)
IEC 60754 series
Smoke emission
IEC 61034 series
Oil resistance
IEC 60811-404 conditions according to 60092-360/SHF2
Min. installation temperature
-15 ° C
Operating temperature
-40 – 80 °C fixed installation
Max. Conductor temperature
90 ° C
Loop (pair, max 20 °C) (ohm/km)
0.75 mm² – 52 Ω∕km
1.5 mm² – 24.4 Ω∕km
Pair capacitance (nom. 1 kHz) (nF/km)
0.75 mm² – 45 nF∕km
1.5 mm² – 55 nF∕km
Loop inductance (nom.) (mH/km)
0.75 mm² – 0,6 mH∕km
1.5 mm² – 0.7 mH∕km
Insulation resistance (20 °C) (Mohm/km)
0.75 mm² – ≥ 1500
1.5 mm² – ≥ 1500