LKSM-SHF2 120 °C 250V

Stranded copper conductor, IEC 60228 Class 2
Improved heat resistant XLPE (120 °C)
Cabling with optional fillers or dummy cores for symmetrical and round construction
Copper drain wire (all sizes),Copper wire braid coverage > 90%, IEC 60092-350 Tinned copper wire braid on request
Improved heat resistant SHF2 (120 °C), IEC 60092-360 Standard colour black with grey stripes, other colours on request
Reference standard
IEC 60092-376
Heat and oil resistant armoured control and instrumentation cable. For fixed installation in most areas and on open deck in ships or oil rigs, and for various industrial use. Excellent resistance against weathering, ozone, UV-rays, oil / diesel oil. Typical Marine, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical applications include ship engine rooms, power plants and/or other areas where ambient temperature may exceed 80 °C, the limit for traditional IEC 60092-cables.
Core identification
Number code for core cables
Rated voltage
150/250 V (300 V)
Fire performance
IEC 60332-1-2IEC 60332-3-22
IEC 60754 series
Smoke emission
IEC 61034 series
Oil resistance
IEC 60811-404 conditionsaccording to 60092-360/SHF2
Min. installation temperature
-15 °C
Operating temperature
-40 – 120 °C fixed installation
Max. Conductor temperature
120 °C