Telecom Optical Fiber Cables

Because reliability and mechanical properties are the most important criteria when measuring cable quality, the very demanding Nordic weather conditions have set our minimum quality standards for our optical fiber cables.

Lifecord FRHF (f) fire-resistant optical fiber cable
Lifecord-FRHF (f)

Fire-resistant optical fiber cable for indoor application.


Halogen-free, Indoor/Outdoor cable with excellent crush and tension characteristics.

FXMSU 900μm halogen-free optical fiber cable
FXMSU 900 µm

Halogen-free optical fiber cable with 900 μm tight-buffered fiber for indoor/outdoor application.


Halogen-free installation cable for indoor use. Aramid binding yarns. Slotted core construction.

FMS 1 / FMS 2

Halogen-free, single fiber/double fiber installation cable.

FMMS halogen-free 2 mm duplex installation cable

Halogen-free 2 mm duplex installation cable.


Halogen-free duct cable. Corrugated steel tape under sheath.