Telecom & industrial

HELKAMA BICA has produced Telecommunication and Industrial cables in Finland since 1964. Our cable portfolio covers all major cable needs for land-based requirements, such as telecom cell towers, rooftop solutions, data centers, housing and industrial applications. We also have a wide variety of customized cables to reach an optimal solution for all needs.

Telecom & industrial catalogues

NEW! Telecom Cables Catalogue

Helkama Telecom Cable catalogue covers all major cable needs for land-based requirements: telecom cell towers, 5G solutions, rooftop and indoor coverage solutions, smartpoles and data centers. Today Helkama Hybrid Cables are used in over 230 000 cell site solutions around the world, with more set up every day. Welcome to a higher level.

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Industrial Cables Catalogue

The Helkama range of industrial and fiber optic cables are perfect for fixed installation in instrumentation, process control, communication and computer applications. Our RE-instrumentation cables have a GOST-R certificate required for the Russian market. The range includes cables for indoor and outdoor installation, even in the very demanding Nordic weather conditions.


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Telecommunication and Industrial Cables Catalogue

Our range of telecommunication cables offers significant benefits to applications in towers and underground solutions, especially where multiple fibers are needed. And by combining all power and optical cables into one Hybrid cable you can create remarkable savings in weight, wind area and material costs.


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