Rendezvousing in Rotterdam

Helkama attended the Europort exhibition 2021 in Rotterdam on November 2nd– 5th. We joined Helmacab, our Dutch distributor, at their booth. The Europort Exhibition is a good place to meet all the customers in the area, who have become accustomed to finding both Helkama and Helmacab at the expo. -“It has become such a tradition for us to attend Europort, that if we would not be present our customers might think something is wrong,” jokes Willem Botter from Helmacab Holland.

It’s always good to have face-to-face conversations with our customer base at a nice and relaxed event. It is a completely different setting than on a virtual Teams call or a call on the phone. Even with the current world situation clearly affecting the amount of foreign visitors, we were able to connect with over 50 different companies, and even managed to meet a few new faces. Getting information and feedback directly from our end customers is one of the biggest benefits of these events. We are keen to maintain the exceptional quality and durability of our products, and this is made possible by our continuous development work supported by our clients.

And yes, rendezvousing is a real word. We looked it up.