Global Mercy

MV Global Mercy is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, constructed as the first purpose-built floating hospital for humanitarian organization Mercy Ships. In addition to providing free surgical, medical, and dental care, Mercy Ships is committed to investing in local healthcare infrastructure in ways that will continue to have a positive impact long after the ship leaves port. During the ship’s 50-year life expectancy, it is estimated that surgery alone will change the lives of 150.000 people.

Helkama Bica Shanghai was the main cable supplier for low voltage cables, producing and delivering over 600 km of cables on time and according to production schedule. Helkama covered the full scope of cables equal and below 1.5 mm2, supplying our light version cables, RFA-HF and LKAM-HF series, to help reduce the weight of the ship’s cables.

Completed: 2021
Builder: China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Tianjin Xingang Shipyard, Tianjin China
Operator: Mercy Ships
Overall length: 174 m
Accommodation: fixed number of passengers is 500 when sailing, rated passenger capacity can reach 950 during docking in the port.
6 Operating theatres, 200 beds, laboratories, ophthalmic clinics and dental clinics.