The FREMM program is a joint Italian-French defence industrial co-operation project for a new generation of frigates.

The frigates for the Italian Navy will be built by Fincantieri’s yards at Riva Trigoso and Muggiano. The ship will have a full load displacement of about 5,750 tons, an overall length of about 140 metres and a speed of more than 27 knots. The vessel’s autonomy will reach 45 continuous days and a range of 6000 NM at 15 knots and she will be able to perform the role of CTG (commander task group).

The ship will be designed and built in accordance with Rinamil rules.

The propulsion plant will have a CODLAG configuration featuring one gas turbine, two electrical motors (reversible type for Italian Navy) C.P. propellers and four diesel generating units. The ASW version will be fitted with both towed and hull mounted sonars. The GP version will be equipped to operate 2 large RIBs for operations and fitted with a 127/64 mm Vulcano gun. Both versions will have two hangars for two NH90 or 1 NH90+1 EH101 helicopters.