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Marine and Offshore Cables Catalogue

Helkama offers the best solution to the specialized needs of the Marine and Offshore industry. Our comprehensive product range is suitable for fixed installations.  We only produce halogen-free cables that remarkably improve the fire safety of the ships and offshore constructions by not emitting toxic burning fumes, thick smoke or corrosive gases in case of fire. The halogen-free range includes both flame-retardant (IEC 60332-3A) and fire-resistant (IEC 60331) cables.

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H-Flex Cables Catalogue

Our H-FLEX cable product range is developed for applications demanding high mechanical performance as well as high chemical and oil resistance. H-FLEX cables are suitable for flexible, portable and movable applications in machineries, machine tools and robot technics as well as for fixed installation. They are UV, oil and ozone resistant and the cables can also be submersed into water.

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Marine Cables with Aluminium Conductors Catalogue

We have chosen to produce aluminium conductor cables as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to traditional copper conductor cables. DNV-GL has approved the use of aluminium conductors in shipboard use.

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Industrial Cables Catalogue

The Helkama range of industrial and fiber optic cables are perfect for fixed installation in instrumentation, process control, communication and computer applications. Our RE-instrumentation cables have a GOST-R certificate required for the Russian market. The range includes cables for indoor and outdoor installation, even in the very demanding Nordic weather conditions.

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Telecommunication and Industrial Cables Catalogue

Our range of telecommunication cables offers significant benefits to applications in towers and underground solutions, especially where multiple fibers are needed. And by combining all power and optical cables into one Hybrid cable you can create remarkable savings in weight, wind area and material costs.

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